[[Link title711 & 702]]==The Haahoos==


5 enormus Haahoos in the Garden

The Haahoos are five very large inflatable pillow-like creatures of various shapes and colours with eyes and smiling mouths. They move slowly around the garden with deep springy sounds ("boing, boing"). The Haahoos appear behind the gazebo during general dance sequences, and are also seen going to sleep, closing their eyes and deflating slightly. They come in the shape of a flower, an x, a star, a circle and a jelly bean. They were first featured in the episode "The Tombliboos' Waving Game". Makka Pakka washed the Haahoos with his agga pang in this episode,"Washing the Haahoos". The Haahoos joined Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Tombilboos for bouncing and jumping in "Jumping for Everybody".The Haahoos sound said "Haahoo" or Haahooooo or Haahoooooo in their own sound and also haahoos doesn't say pip pip onk onk.