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The Hooch and Orville Series

The Hooch and Orville Series is a TV program created by Pip Pip.

List of episodes []

  1. Hooch and Orville Make a DVD Bootleg of K9.5
  2. Hooch and Orville Get Grounded BIGGER TIME
  3. Hooch and Orville Do the Dougie
  4. Hooch and Orville Kill the Numberjacks
  5. Hooch and Orville Get Grounded for Destroying a Train
  6. Hooch and Orville Misbehave at Popeyes
  7. Hooch and Orville Flip the Table Over

Rocky hits a stone at the beehive and he was chased by 69 angry bees.[]

Yoshi had an accident skiing down the icy hill.[]

Bean has to eat the green broccoli before he wanted dessert.[]

Pinkerton dropped 52 marbles on the floor and accidentally started a party dance.[]

I went in the ocean with Francis, especially the underwater whizzway fish.[]

The little green man movie from Tom and Jerry: Blast Off To Mars is too scary for Pinkerton and Grok. []

Little Blue tries to whistle to call back Eli. []

Little Blue tries whistling to call his pet birds.[]