In the Night Garden Cbeebies Wiki

The Pontipines and the Wottingers are families of ten. Both have 2 parents and 8 children. Both of their children are 4 boys and 4 girls


The Pontipines are a large family of 10 that live in a semi-detached house at the foot of a tree. There are 8 children, 4 of which are girls and four of which are boys and they are always dressed in red. Mr Pontipine wears a fake moustache and Mrs Pontipine always carries a pair of binoculars with her. Their children often run away from their parents, and the family likes to have picnics outside.


The Wottingers are a large family of 10 who are the next-door neighbours of the Pontipines, who have 8 children and they are always dressed in blue. Unlike the Pontipines, Mr Wottinger does not wear a moustache and Mrs Wottinger doesn't have a pair of binoculars. This is because their children are smart and they know not to run away from their parents.