Pontipine family


The Family of Pontipines (red) and the Family of Wottingers (blue) are two families of Ten Tiny "Dolly People" respectively, (a mother and a father plus four boys and four girls as octuplets) similar to peg dolls (and somewhat similar in appearance
Wottinger family


to the puppets seen in Camberwick Green and sequels), who live in Semi Detatched houses. The Pontipines appear in most episodes, while appearances by the Wottingers are rare. The Pontipines all dress in a very similar fashion to each other, as do the Wottingers. Each family sleeps in one room, their beds next to each other in two rows of five. The Pontipines are able to enter home by flying down the chimney, as well as the front door. They have no feet. The Pontipines enter the Pinky Ponk through a different door from all the other characters, and stay on a separate deck. The Pontipines and the Wottingers are animated using stop motion animation. They constantly chatter, making "mi-mi-mi" sounds in a high pitch. Mr. Pontipine's moustache occasionally flies off his face and settles on Mrs. Pontipine. Mrs. Pontipine carries a pair of binoculars around her neck at all times, and she uses them to look for her children when they get lost. Mr. Wottinger lacks a moustache of the Pontipine patriarch. Mrs. Wottinger's hat is of a different design from her red counterpart and the families' clothing, while similar in design, is not identical. The Wottingers can be glimpsed in the general dance sequences, but are not seen going to bed. The Pontipines were first featured in the episode "Makka Pakka Washes Faces" and the Wottingers first appeared in the episode "The Pontipine Children in the Tombliboo Trousers". 10+10=20