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Pinky ponk

The Pinky Ponk

The Pinky Ponk is an airship, speckled with many slowly-waving fins and several small propellers that can spin fast, plus a large propeller at the rear that always turns very gently. The characters often use it to travel around the forest, and during their journey are able to drink "Pinky Ponk juice" which is dispensed in "sippi cups". As well as whirrings and clankings, and a sporadic honking sound from the nose at the front, the Pinky Ponk makes flatulent noises. Like the Ninky Nonk, the Pinky Ponk is of paradoxical size: exterior shots arechroma keyed model shots showing a model smaller than the main characters, while interior ones are produced on a set into which they can fit. It has two doors, one for the costumed characters and the other for the teeny tiny characters. One table has three seats (for the Tombliboos), another table has two seats (for Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy), and the third has one seat (for Makka Pakka). The Pontipines take a table with 10 seats in the small room, and sometimes the Wottingers will take the table a level lower than the Pontipines. It was first featured in the episode "The Tombliboos' Waving Game".