Makka pakkas trumpet

Makka Pakka with his Og-Pog, trumpet, his Uff-Uff and his Agga Pang

Makka Pakka is a guy who lives in a cave with his Og Pog. His Og Pog has his trumpet, sponge and soap, and his Uff-Uff.

Likes Edit

  • Playing with his friends
  • Stones
  • Living in his cave
  • Washing faces

Dislikes Edit

  • His stone pile getting messed up.
  • When he loses his path.
  • When there's no faces to wash.

QuotesEdit Edit

  • "Mikka Makka Moo"
  • "Pip Pip Onk Onk"
  • "Hum Dum"