Igglepiggle sitting

Iggle Piggle

Igglepiggle, played by Nick Kellington, is a blue creature, somewhat resembling a teddy bear with a red blanket. He always carries his red fire blanket with him, and tends to fall flat on his back when upset. He arrives at the beginning and leaves the Garden at the end of each episode in a boat, for which the blanket doubles as a sail. Igglepiggle does not speak, but he has a bell in his left foot, a squeak in his middle, and a rattle in his left hand.. His best friends in the garden are Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos. He is the only character not to fall sleep in the Garden, apart from one time when he fell asleep in Upsy Daisy's bed, and also the only character to walk on the Stepping stone path. Igglepiggle is clearly not a native of the Night Garden but a visitor

He was first featured in the episode "Makka Pakka Washes Faces".

Did you Know?Edit

Igglepiggle always carries his comforting red blanket and he always sleeps in his boat.